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Communi­cation and transparency are important to us. Our aim is to generate enthusiasm for our projects amongst, customers, users, employees and the general public.

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We combine over 70 years of tradition with curiosity and a mind open to innovation, in order to create unique living spaces.


Jost Hurler, a qualified commercial agent, laid the foundations for an entire real estate enterprise when he opened a single estate company's office in 1945. Thanks to his innovative dynamism coupled with a down-to-earth approach and clear customer focus, he made a success of the business. His personality and values continue to shape our philosophy to this day.

The courage to try new avenues and his instinct and vision have led to the company constantly changing, developing and expanding ever since the establishment of that first business. New processes such as project development for multifunc­tional city quarters are now giving us a glimpse of what the future might hold.

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As a family business, we create living spaces that are versatile, vibrant and valuable areas where people can make the best possible use of their time.


Quality, innovation and sustain­ability are our corner­stones when it comes to creating high-quality sites worth living in. We want to enable people to make the best possible use of their time. We're creating spaces with high dwell time and quality of stay in which people feel at ease and are happy to stay. We therefore bundle together our know-how and experience from project development and subsequent operation of a property.

Our Areas of action

We are project developers with a focus on portfolio management. This core competence arises from the company's history and will continue to shape our group in the future.


The Jost Hurler Group is a different kind of real estate company that has undergone continuous development since it was established in 1945. Over time, project development has been added as another focus area, alongside the original target sector of portfolio management. Both business sectors form the basis for the company and complement each other well. We integrate this experience into the conception and planning stages for a building, meaning that, as modern project developers, we can use different focuses for our properties than classic investors. We want to develop sustainable long-term value – for us and our customers. Jost Hurler Group projects are charac­terised by a combination of an awareness of tradition and curiosity and a mind open to innovation. In this way, we create unique new living concepts such as Schwabinger Tor.

The Jost Hurler Group Managing Dircetors: Michael Herz and Dr. Maximilian Gutsche at the Schwabinger Tor building site. The property is exactly on the site where the company founder Jost Hurler laid the foundations for the company in the 1960s with his first cash-and-carry market.

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Michael Herz
Dr. Maximilian Gutsche